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Your Custom Content Pages

Here's what we normally provide for Content Pages in our Complete Website choice. If you need to mix and match a little or add things, we'll work with you. Remember, we do not produce cookie cutter websites. We will customize to fit your needs.

You get ten total pages of content with the Complete Website. Four pages are required to be used for legal and common use functions. These are:

  • Website Privacy Policy page (required by law)
  • Website Terms of Service page (important legal protection)
  • Continuously updated, human-readable Site Map, which is a kind of Table of Contents ( you also get an xml Site Map that search engines can read)
  • Contact Us page (it is important that you appear to be, and are, accessible to your site visitors)

This leaves six pages for your custom content. One required page is your Front (or Home) page. This is the first thing most visitors will see and it  is important that you make the most of this exposure. Home pages usually include:

  • Your logo, name and tagline (these are normally placed in the header (top) of the page so it show on all pages of the site)
  • Navigation menus so people can go to the different sections or pages of your site
  • Copyright notices, RSS feeds (streams your content)
  • Administration links
  • Introduction to the business and site
  • Visual interest, such as pictures or graphics
  • Selected information that is drawn from other pages and is also shown on the Front page (you can show just the beginning of other pages on the Front and then have a "Read More" link to the full page)
  • Registration and Login functions if you want registered customers, users or members

That then leave five completely customizable pages (though you can add more in our Premium Addon section). We will create these pages to your specifications. Each page can include:

  • As much text as you wish, formatted as you wish (you are to provide the content; we will try to edit and format, but must rely on you for your industry and business information)
  • One graphic of any size
  • One table or an additional graphic
  • A live link to anyplace within or outside of your site

These pages are sufficient, as described, for most businesses. If you prefer a different layout or formatting for your pages or page content, we will work with you to make sure we provide what you need.