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Our Portfolio

These are some of the site we have created. Most were developed by BWD from basic discussions of needs all the way to fully functioning websites. Click on a category to see images and information about the individual companies' websites we designed and built. (We have also created other websites not shown here, when the contractor wanted to keep credit for the design for itself!)

Product Sales Websites - 14 shown

Some are sites that sell products directly through their websites by PayPal and credit card using our Shopping Cart option. They are all live and making sales. Some also have physical stores that sell their products.

Services Providers Websites - 20 shown

These are sites that provide services for clients for a fee. We provided complete site creation and development, even to providing some of the content.

Non-Profit Organizations Websites - 8 shown

These are sites that may have Google AdSense and other ads, but are primarily non-profit organizations. Today, they need to project a professional, competent image just as much as a commercial enterprise.