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Everything Website Package

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$615.25 (including 7 % tax)

If you want the easiest way to go from nothing to a professional website, this is a perfect choice for most companies, organizations and individuals. By using our knowledge and experience, you can avoid serious, but common, problems such as selecting a poor domain name or making administrative setup mistakes.

This is a 10-page site.
Four pages are used for the Privacy Police, Terms of Service, Contact Us form and Site Map, so there are six full pages for your custom content. More Pages or Features can be ordered in addition to this base package.

This option is great if you have no web presence at all:
The white text items following items are included in the Complete 10-page Website Service and this Everything Website package. The items in blue are items in this package in addition to those in the Complete Website package. This is an inexpensive and fast way to develop a Professional Website even if you know nothing about how to create one. The optional items are no extra charge and will be included if you choose to have them. Please note the responsibilities of BWD and the client below - we provide custom designed websites, so it is important that you provide us quality content if you want a quality site. We will work with you on what needs to be done as we go along, so don't worry - you don't have to have everything right away and can make changes while we create your website. We will even suggest content topics as part of our free consultation. Please note:

  • This list and the rest of this site are all ©Copyright Business-Website-Designs.com
  • *Asterisks mean information is required from the client
  • Click Premium Site Addons to order ala carte extra functionality or pages you want to add to your Website


Website Features
Decide Website Profile
Business and industry background, site purpose, functionality, market positioning x *
Decide key words, text logo name, tag line description and primary colors
Define users, user needs and website capabilities needed x
Domain Name - the critical internet "address" of your site
Research best-available domain name choices and select one x
Create Registrar account, purchase domain name x *
Configure WhoIs information and DNS servers x *
Set up automatic renewal tied to credit card x *
Website Hosting - where your site files and databases reside. Required for all websites x
Set up correct hosting account for your needs in your name x
Content Management System - the core software to create a site
Install and configure base CMS software programs
Install and configure databases
Customize site structure - front page, sections, categories, pages
Configure global settings
Configure page layouts
Configure navigation menus x
Configure registered user menu x
Add automatic Copyright notice x
User Interface
Set up user registration with Email verification to minimize spam
Set up login function with Remember Me and Forgot Password
Decide Client info and set up Contact Us form
x x
User Testimonial Submission form, displays and management
Set up user categories and permissions x
SEO (search engine optimization) - helps people and search engines find you
Create Search Engine Friendly urls x
Create XML and HTML Sitemaps x
Register and configure Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, install codes x
Register and configure Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Tools, install codes x
Submit correct Sitemaps to Google, Yahoo and Bing x
Email Accounts
Set up and configure up to 3 custom Email accounts using your domain name
x *
Install Client signatures, folders, forwards x *
Notifications to site owner of new user registrations X
Content - 10 pages total
Create image-based Logo to fit header template
1 Basic Website Privacy Policy page
1 Basic Website Terms of Service page
1 Human-readable Sitemap
1 Contact Us page
1 Custom Front (Home) Page
5 custom pages with content and images provided by client x
Administrative Site Management
Set up ftp - to upload and download large files x
Set up cPanel and extPlorer base files access x
Provide Admin To-Do list - backups, AdWords... x
Provide accounts list with vendor names, URLs, IDs and passwords x
At Client's Request
Site Search function x
RSS streaming site feed x
Install Twitter feed x *
Up to 3 modular ads or promos x *
Module of up to 5 Weblinks x *
Basic Returns Policy x
Two hours of free training x
Free marketing suggestions x


(Our prices are over 40% less than than those of other professional Website Design companies. If you purchase a package elsewhere, it is very likely you will be paying for things later that we already include.)


Your site should be ready in 2- 3 weeks, assuming that your content and images are available and in a usable form (if someone tells you you can have your site within a few days, you are not getting a site customized for you, but a bare bones, semi-functional site). We can expedite at no cost, but keep in mind that there will be ongoing interaction with you, and your decisions and provision of content affect the time required to finalize and polish the site.